January 26, 2017

Are Shutters or Impact Windows Better in the Face of a Storm?

For a while, shutters really took the cake when came to optimal protection, but with the latest technological advances in impact windows and stringent testing they must go through, they offer supreme benefits as well. If you can’t decide between impact windows and hurricane shutters, here are a few pros and cons of each:
Hurricane Shutters:
Pros: They come in 5 different styles, so, you have plenty of options. The styles include: Panel, Accordion, Roll Down, Bahama, Colonial. For many home owners, they are the more economical solutions and can be installed relatively quickly (depending on the square footage you’re installing, of course). They protect your home expertly.

Cons: On some houses, especially older homes with more classic architectural styles, they can look bulky and out of place. The Accordion styles are permanently affixed to the house, so they can’t be removed when they’re not in use. Some people have said that they block too much light when inside the home.

Impact Windows:
Pros: They can withstand debris and high winds, and eliminate the need for bulky shutters. You don’t have to worry about your hurricane protection looking out of place, as they come in 4 styles that look like standard windows. They offer supreme sound and UV protection, so really you benefit from them year round.

Cons: They are the more expensive option and you would indefinitely need a contractor to install them.