February 15, 2017

Building a House Here is What You Need

House Building Needs


Reduced carbon footprint
Off-grid capabilities
RV with year round comfort for all weather/ locations
To use as temporary housing, guest home or a vacation house
Survivalist house in case of emergency
Exemption of property taxes
Non-toxic or chemical free home
Ability to design an artistic home with quality materials
Ability to build your own home in short amount of time

Building an expensive tiny home goes against the tiny house movement.” This statement keeps popping up on online forums, and it annoys me. People love to preach about the backbone of the tiny house movement, but tiny houses are as diverse as the people who own them. There isn’t one idea that encompasses this movement because going tiny means something completely different from one person to the next. In this article, I’m going to prove that tiny homes are not really that expensive. I’m also going to realistically breakdown Tiny House costs. Let’s do this!

The price per square footage in a tiny house is outrageous!”

Every inch matters in a tiny house. Who can say that about their 2,000 square foot home? To properly design a tiny home you will need to purchase compact appliances. Small, energy efficient appliances are expensive. In a standard size home, you can purchase the cheapest appliances on the market and you will hardly notice the difference.

This argument is completely invalid. Adding square footage to space is cheap! Empty space is the least expensive part of a house. A 125 square foot tiny house will most likely have all the same systems (kitchen, bathroom, heat, etc.) as a 1,000 square foot house, just in a smaller package. As square footage goes up, the cost per square foot goes down.

” I purchased a 1,500 sq ft home for $40k! Why should a tiny house cost more?”

First of all: LOCATION. If you purchased a home in Los Angeles it would cost more than if you bought the same home in the rural midwest. Tiny homes cost the same amount regardless of location.

Thirdly, see argument # 1.

Secondly, the maintenance, insurance, taxes and the cost of heating and cooling would be far greater in a 1,500 square foot house than a tiny house. You need to take that cost into consideration. Not to mention the cost of your own time. Cleaning and repairing a large home is time-consuming. Time is money.

” I can build a tiny house for $7,000 in materials!”

The appliances in my tiny house alone cost over $10,000! A tiny home built on a shoestring budget would have to be frugal with their choices. Also, many lower budget builds require restoring a used trailer, such as Macy Miller’s $11,416 tiny home. Macy is a trained architect and she received several items on her build for free (such as her windows). Macy’s tiny home is fantastic, but it’s also an anomaly. Not everyone has her skills, connections, and patience for restoration.

For the kitchen area, you may need to look some of the equipment here in Home and Kitchen Website.

Congratulations, you must be a resourceful and skilled individual! That being said, there is a difference between a $10k tiny house and a $20k tiny house (in the appliances for example). And, unless you have a warehouse of bulk construction materials, you probably spent a lot of time gathering and repairing reclaimed items. Nothing wrong with that, but time is money.


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