January 25, 2017

What Makes Windows Certified Hurricane Windows?

Hurricane windows must meet certain guidelines to labeled and sold as such. The American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) regulates these guidelines, and have put forth some pretty strict standards for them. For example, in south Florida, the building code states that all homes constructed after July 2001 must have hurricane shutters or impact resistant windows and frames for exterior opening in a house to protect against air-borne debris. Codes vary from community to community, but here are a few general guidelines the impact resistant windows must meet:
1. Windows must pass a launch missile impact test which entails launching a 9-pound 2X4 wood stud at 35 miles per hour, at the center of the window. Both the center and corner of the window must be able to hold together to pass. Florida tends to have slightly stricter testing rules, requiring windows to withstand studs launched at 80 fps.
2. After the launch missile impact test, the window is then subjected to pressure that simulate winds up to 200mph. If the window stays intact, it is a certified impact resistant window.